Our current workshops have specific goals that can be worked towards as a group, this could be back carrying, introduction to carrying, nappies, woven wraps, antenatal, the possibilities are endless. It is possible to customise any workshop to meet your groups needs.

Our Je Porte Mon BeBe workshops are more specific and follow the teaching styles and session layouts of JPMBB stretchy wrap specialists. These sessions are longer than the JBC standard workshops and consultations.

Workshop session pricing is dependent on length, group size and venue with an average costing of £15 per person for two hours. 

For a quote please contact us with details of what your group would like to achieve.

From time to time we host exclusive skills workshops with a predetermined goal, these will be announced via our Facebook page and news letters. 

To receive updates register here:  jennibeansc.myturn.com or like and follow our Facebook page here.

JBSC Workshops

Mindfulness (1 Hour - Groups 5+)

We will look at the benefits of babywearing and mental health. This workshop will look at dealing with anxiety and strategies you can use in challenging situations

Baby Handling (45 min - Groups 5+)

We look at the physiology of a newborn and how we can support the child to be most comfortable and respected at each stage of development

Introduction to Babywearing (1h 30 min - Groups of 5+)

We will cover the basics of what baby wearing is, it’s benefits to the parent & child, safety, positioning and demo one of each style carrier/ wrap

Introduction to Stretchy Wraps (1h 30min - Groups of 3-5)

We will cover the benefits of a stretchy wrap, safety, positioning, sizing and a detailed demo of how to wrap with a stretchy wrap

Introduction to Mai Tie's (1h - Groups of 3-5)

We will cover the benefits of Mai Tie's, Safety, Positioning, sizing and a detailed demo of how to tie a Mai Tie wrap

Introduction to Woven Wraps (1h 30m - Groups of 3-5)

We will cover the benefits of woven wraps, safety, positioning, sizing and a detailed demo of how to wrap

Introduction to Ring Slings (1h 30m - Groups of 3-5)

We will cover the benefits of ring slings, safety, positioning, styles available and a detailed demo of how to use a ring sling

Introduction to Back Carriers (1h 30m/2h - Groups of 3-5)

We will cover the Benefits of carrying, safety, positioning, different techniques to maneuver your baby onto your back safely and demo with different carriers or have a more in-depth detailed demo of one

Maternity and early years professionals - Key knowledge (Half Day - Groups 5+)

A close look at Safety and positioning, how to identify a carry that is unsafe

Je porte mon bebe Workshops

The Basic Knot (3-5 people)

One way to tie and 6 positions. Keeping it simple and clever all in one


Back carrying (3-5 people)

Using the JPMBB products and positioning we look into back carrying options


Kangaroo Care (3-5 people)

Kangaroo care is used in most SCBU and NICU units but can equally benefit any family


Family consultations (1-3 people)

Focused attention lead completely by you and your family. In the comfort of your own home and as your own speed.

Starting at £65

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