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Peer support training

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This course is aimed at professionals working in the maternity and early years sectors. The course will enable the attendee to support families to access the benefits of carrying.

It is a full days training (9-6) with a home project to complete. 

The course will cover 

·        Understand the benefits of carrying

·        Baby’s needs

·        Care givers needs

·        Carrying Myths

·        Have an awareness of how language can affect understanding

·        Baby physiology in reference to carrying/ baby handling

·        Care giver physiology

·        Optimal Positioning

·        Dangers and how to mitigate these

·        Additional considerations

·        Limitations and signposting

·         Carrier types & how to use them

Attendees can re attend the course as many times as they would like to for an admin fee. (spaces allowing) 

To complete the course all attendees will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of safety and positioning,  comfort checks and expectations of the roll. 

On completion attendees will receive a certificate of completion. 

Babes in arms only. 

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