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Jenni Bean Consultancy CIC (also known as JBC), is a family focused team  ensuring that the heart of all decisions, is family. The name, Jenni Bean, was inspired by the founder of JBC, Jodie,as it encompassed her daughter’s name, Jenni,and nick name, Beani.

JBC started with support in carrying babies and young children, providing advice on a variety of different carriers. Later, this expanded to proving support and advice on the many, personal and environmental, benefits of cloth nappies, and how to use them correctly.When Jodie started her journey as a parent, she found using slings,to carry her daughter, to be a lifeline,not only in achieving her own parenting goals, but also a benefit to her own mental health.

There are many articles, papers, blogs and other media available that explain the long history of the benefits of carrying our young.  Carrying young is also prevalent withing nature, with many animals naturally inclined to carry or cling on, depending if young or adult. 

Our long history with carrying was initially to ensure the safety of both adult and child alike.  As in a time when predators and hard living were an everyday reality, keeping your child close by and transportable really was a matter of life and death. 

Our babies are born with a primitive response to be close to their caregiver for the purposes of staying alive.  The pressures of modern day living and the expectations put onto parents, make it far more challenging to meet the need of closeness all of the time.  Hands free carrying enables families to meet that need of their child, as well as maintaining their own needs.  It is for this reason we see most families come to us for support. 

Carrying can also support positive mental health, with not only the benefits of being hands free, but also due to the natural organic chemicals in both ours, and our child's brain that are activated when we hold our children close.  These naturally occurring, organic chemicals being released are refereed to as "fell good hormones" which include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.  These are the same hormones released when giving someone a hug; in particular, oxytocin helps us to build bonds and connections, which, in turn help build a positive mental health.

Another benefit of these hormones is how they help your body to produce and release breast milk.  Human milk feeding can help some families to meet one of their parenting goals, which will also help to lead to a positive mental health. 

As well as the mental health benefits, there are many physical health benefits carrying can support, some are more spoken about than others.  One of the more discussed benefits is the child's hip development.  Many carriers now display on their packaging that they are "hip healthy".  By this the carriers are stipulating, that they support the child while being carried in an ergonomic position.  However, it is important to be aware of what this means, to ensure it fitted correctly. 

It is important to bare in mind, hip issues needing treatment only occurs in 1 to 2 babies, in every 1000 babies born.  Babies are checked within the first 72 hours of birth, with a follow up scan where necessary.  Hip issues (hip dyspepsia) arise when the head of the femur does not sit deeply enough into the ball and socket joint of the pelvis, generally due to the 'socket' not being fully formed.  Contrary to what many believe, this can not be caused by using non-ergonomic carriers.  However, if a hip issue is present, non-ergonomic carries will not help to support the correct formation of the ball and socket joint.  

The "deep seat" position of the carriers, in which we teach and hire, ensure that the fabric of the carrier sits in the child's knee pits, as the child sits with their legs in an 'M' position, creating that deep seat.  This is the same position that is used when treating hip dyspepsia.  It is also far more comfortable for the child as they are seated on their bottom, rather than their crotch. 

If a child is placed into hip casts, carrying can help to lower the rate of muscle loss for the child, as, when we carry, our children benefit from passive exercise. Passive exercise is enjoyed by any family that carry their children, but it is especially beneficial for families whose children have any condition that includes low muscle tone. 

It goes without saying that carrying is a low impact exercise for the person carrying too!  It is a great way to maintain fitness with your family.  Carrying can be used from birth up and has no real age limitations, it simply depends what works best for your family when, or if, you decide to stop carrying.  You can even use slings to carry your newborn if you have abdominal separation or post C-Section, as the weight is distributed better than carrying in arms.  Some slings can even be tied in various ways that can help ease pain or irritation from abdominal separation or a C-Section. 

Lots of families worry that the baby will become too heavy to carry however, very much like weight lifting, as your baby slowly gains wait your muscles will grow to support that weight. This is how i am able to comfortably carry my five and a half year old comfortably.  If you are wanting to start carrying and have a larger child, it is recommended that you start with short periods and build up to longer carries.  It is also safe to continue to carry through your pregnancy as long as it is something you were doing before your pregnancy as you will already have the muscles in place to safely support you. 

Our Aim

"Parenting with confidence" 

Our aim is to provide the confidence and empowerment for every parent to raise their family in the way they want to. 

We work with families on a 'one to one' basis, in the comfort of their own home, as well as providing online services, face-to-face workshops and social meets.  Any of these services can help families looking for a hands free alternative, or to build strong, healthy attachments, or both.  Some families comment on their carrier being uncomfortable, and seek an alternative, although, sometimes a simple adjustment is all that is needed.  Where adjustments do not help, or families are starting new, JBC can answer questions, provide information, give advice, demonstrate and deliver fitting support. 

Most importantly, if an individual is not completely comfortable, or feel entirely confident in their ability to carry, we are here to help and guide every step of the way. 

We also aim to support families looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly parenting options.  We will endeavour to find the best system for your family.  We provide non-bias, factual information to ensure you can find the best way forward for you and your family. We are able to be completely non-bias as we are not affiliated to any particular brand or company, so you can rely on our advice being completely impartial.  

If you already own carriers, and/or nappies, we will strive to make them work for you wherever possible, so you can save money and reduce waste.  Although, if your carriers and/or nappies still do not work for your family, we can also aid in resale and/or reuse to further reduce waste. 

While we aim to meet the needs of every family who have sought our support, JBC also look to reduce waste wherever possible.  Therefore, we also aim to build confidence in our customers to use options that help to reduce waste.  The current options provided by JBC are the use of: cloth nappies, cloth wipes, reusable sanitary items, borrowing rather than purchasing, and purchasing second hand safely.  

Using the libraries resources for reducing waste helps to reduce the carbon footprint that is created in the manufacture of any item.  This is where the inspiration to start our "membership" programme evolved.  Our membership is beneficial to any family that is looking to hire any of our products, for more than three months in total.  With this membership you receive; 50% off all hires and 10% off our services, as well as access to a list of discount codes. 

How We Can Help?

Consultations (one to one)

All consultations are bespoke to each customers requirements.  We can work towards a specific goal, or build upon your current knowledge and increase confidence. 

Workshops (group learning)

Unlike consultations, our workshops have specific goals that can be worked towards as a group.  Workshops goals can include: introduction to carrying, back carrying, cloth nappies, woven wraps and antenatal support, the possibilities are endless.  It is possible to customise any workshop to meet your needs as a group.  

Carriers and Nappy hire 

We have a huge number of carriers, nappies and accessories available for hire.  We believe that no one should purchase before they find what they love.

Need advice?  We'd love to work with you!

 Contact us to discuss your requirements and make a booking. 

All of our social sling and nappy libraries are open to any family to join without prior booking.  This is completely free and you are under no obligation to hire or book paid services. 

We are committed to supporting families in as many ways as possible.  If we are not able to provide you and your family with the support you need, we will work hard to find the correct person or people who can support you further.

You are welcome to bring your own slings and nappies along for additional support on how to use them for maximum benefit. 

During our "main library meet" in Micklefeild, High Wycombe, we are joined by other local experts who can support you further with things such as, breastfeeding, baby massage, postnatal fitness and sustainable menstrual options

Most of our sessions also offer a free stay and play along side the library, so you can enjoy time with your family, a drink and a chat. 

For families in need of support, but not in the position to pay for hires, or for extended support, we will look at how we can support you with payment plans, fee reductions or fee wavers.  We accept referrals from support workers including heath visitors, food banks and perinatal mental health services. 

We also have access to UK funding projects and discounts. 

Check out the Building Bonds project.


Trained and Completed

Slingababy was founded in 2011 with the aim of empowering parents through the loving art of baby-carrying. Following years of training and hands-on experience with parents the Slingababy School is able to offer a course that shares information on every sling type available as well as various teaching methods

Consultant Trained

Je Porte mon bebe have invested a lot of time and money into the development of products and positioning to best support babies throughout their physiological development.  Some of their work has taken them to special care baby units across Paris. 

In 2019 Je Porte mon BeBe re branded as Love Radius. 

National Childcare Trust

Babywearing Training

NCT have been leaders in parenting education for generations. Every year their courses and workshops support thousands of new parents right across the UK.

We are a Member

The British Association of Babywearing Instructors offers guidelines about safe babywearing.

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DSC specialise in cover for professionals working with parents and babies.

We are a member 

The UK nappy network brings together leading UK nappy library's 

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