What is a Sling Library?

Much like a traditional (book) library, a sling and/or nappy library hires items for set periods of time.  Each session is lead by Trained Volunteers who support each family and answer any questions that may come up.

Unlike a traditional library you can bring your own items with you for support on fit and best use. We use the term "social library" as we invite families to join us for a natter or to meet up with their friends.

Our library meets are free to attend and are open to all families with no need to book before attending. Our Micklefield meet is our main Library session where we have all our stock on display. At out other meets (sometimes called satellite meets) there will be a smaller selection of items available to try and to hire however, if there is something specific you would like to see please contact us prior to the session and we'll make sure we bring it along.

Due to the popularity of our sessions we are unable to teach specific skills during our group meets however, one to one consultations and group workshops which focus on specific areas are available.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Drop into a meeting and try any slings (fit for comfort ask questions, know the difference) or view nappies and get specialist advice (in groups) or simply relax and have a cuppa in good company.

We currently have five regular social library meetings per month Click Here to find your nearest location.

Step 2

Hire your choice of sling, nappy set or accessories- We pride ourselves on having a wide range to choose from (200+ slings and many more nappies) - everything from fabric wraps to hard structured back carriers. Our nappy sets have a range of brands and styles with sets sized from new born to late potty training.

Step 3

Attend a workshop or consultation to further build your confidence and skills. During sessions one to one support is not possible due to the number of families we greet.

Find out more about Workhops

Find out more about one to one support


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